Why do I follow Jesus?

It is possible that Peter and the eleven would have been disappointed to see this happen. This happened just after Jesus fed thousands. A large crowd came searching for Him and expressed the desire to make Him their leader. The people got offended when Jesus told them that He is the true bread of life and pointed to their true need. However this did not go well with the people because it did not align with their desires. They thought that this is hard for them and decided to not follow Him. They did not realize the worth of what Jesus was offering them.

Peter might have thought that this was unimaginable. How can these people desert Jesus so easily. Aren’t these the very people who were waiting all along for their Messiah? He knew for sure that what Jesus offered cannot be found anywhere else. There are no other better or even comparable options that he can find elsewhere. Later Paul in Philippians 3:8 echoes the same sentiments when he said that everything else, however noble and great they may be, can only be counted as dung when compared with the excellency of Jesus.

Notice that Peter didn’t say that he is following Jesus to get a ticket to heaven. He was talking about the Words of eternal life that Jesus alone could offer. That’s what makes the way of the Gospel real to me. Everyday I am amazed at the life giving Word of God. It is very fresh everyday and I am refreshed and rejuvenated every time I read and meditate on His Word. I am amazed at the wisdom in His Word. I am amazed at the clarity and power in His Word. I am amazed that His Word has all the answers to all life’s questions. I find purpose and directions in His Word. Without His word I would be lost, lonely and depressed. I honestly feel sorry for the people who do not trust in His word and obey His words. I am sorry to see the multitudes who are hurting. I see sorrow, loneliness, depression, fear and uncertainty all around me.

If only everyone could see Jesus as I see Him. He is the author and source of eternal life and there is no life apart from Him. If I want to live my life to the fullest there is no other way than to follow Him. Just look at the missionaries who decided to follow Jesus. Their lives were filled with happiness and adventure though they may have had to trod narrow paths. They have ultimately become channels of blessing to many. The world tempts you with it's riches and temptations promising that you can find satisfaction in the world. However those who choose that path become very selfish and ultimately they even end up taking their own lives or suffer loneliness, fear, depression and lack of fulfillment. Just look at the rich and the famous in the world. True they may donate to charity now and then but apart from that their life is spent on furthering their own lives. But on the other hand you find that those who decided to follow Jesus and cross land and sea to proclaim His love to the lost world have made lasting changes in peoples lives and have really blessed them. Though they lived a selfless life they were the most content.

I would rather choose to be a blessing to many and have the ability to help others than choose a life of selfishness and self gratification which would ultimately lead me to self annihilation.